When sport and culture are intertwined – Report on the sport camp of Hévíz

The Municipality of Hévíz and the Sport Association of Hévíz jointly organized a weeklong cross-border handball camp within the project SportOverBorders. Besides young handball players of the host town, youngsters from the other three participating municipalities could take part. The love of sport that bridges cultural differences and the joy pervaded each day of the week.


President of the Sport Association of Hévíz, Mr. Imre Szabó officially opened the camp on 21 November. The organizers set up the training sessions of the camp in a way that participating sportsmen get acquainted both with useful theoretical and practical knowledge. Thus, they participated in a joint physiotherapy session which included the technical repertoire of handball and their practical implementation. Many participants were delighted with the opportunity to gain insight into the care of muscle groups, tendons and ligaments most commonly used and most affected by handball, as well as the care of the entire skeletal muscle by using SMR roller. In addition, the local therapist introduced local treatment protocols and the age-long balneotherapy history of the town. Several athletes then realized if they once got hurt seriously what treatments they would take even in the city of Hévíz.

During the handball team competitions, the team of Hévíz and the three guest teams had the opportunity to match their handball skills while learning good tricks, new strategic methods and sportsmanship from each other. One of the training sessions was held by two coaches of the Boxing Division of the Sport Association of Hévíz, who taught basics, base techniques, punch combinations, bagging and other tricks for the handball players. By practicing not handball sport-specific elements, i.e. the basics of boxing, the coaches improved sportsmen’ fitness and efficiency. One day the participants of the handball camp were surprised by an additional training session, which was held by András Botos Olympic, World and European champion boxer. After gruelling trainings of Sunday, young participants watched as relaxation the league matches of certain age groups of the local handball division at the Sports Hall.

Participants also attended a joyful language lessons every day where they could learn the greetings, the norms of basic social contact and the most commonly used expressions of catering in each other’s language. The Municipality of Hévíz organized a wide range of cultural programs for the young people, thus, they took a historic walk to Hévíz’s hundreds of years old spa and to the most visited castle in Hungary: the Festetics Castle in Keszthely. Sportsmen visited the museum of local history in Egregy, where they could discover through a guided tour the history of Hévíz and its surroundings that reaches back a thousand years. Then they took a walk combined with Croatian and Hungarian language courses in the village of Egregy. The “linguistic” walk touched historic sites, including the tomb of a Roman soldier, the Eastern part of Egregy wine region and the church from Árpád age considered as the pride of the village.

If it is about Hévíz, bathing in the world famous thermal lake could not be missed, many handball team members – even among locals – had this opportunity for the first time. Young people also had an extraordinary workout as they could try “rafting” in marshland within the nature conservation area connecting Lake Hévíz and Lake Balaton.

During the camp young people were enriched with a lot of experience and real sports friendships were born. In view of the success, the camp will likely continue in Hévíz after the closing of the SportOverBorders project too, not only at the level of sport training camps, but also in the context of a longer-term sport cooperation.

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Egy határon átnyúló régió, ahol a folyók összekötnek, nem elválasztanak