SportOverBorders training camp in Zalaegerszeg

The one-week long sport camp in Zalaegerszeg has just started, in which 25-30 youngsters can participate. Beside every-day judo training, exciting cultural programs as well as Croatian and Hungarian language courses are organized for participants. Teens between the age of 14-20 came from the participant towns of the SportOverBorders project, namely Zalaegerszeg, Hévíz, Koprivnica and Cazma.

Young people who are interested in sports, especially in combat sports, with the support of professional coaches will get familiar with the history and rules of judo, as well as the spiritual and moral values, which are paramount important in judo. In addition, they can acquire special techniques. Then, in the frame of the camp they will have the chance to test themselves in individual and team sessions on the Regional Judo Tournament of Zalaegerszeg on Saturday. Beside physical exercising, there will be opportunity to improve their foreign language skills since the participant teens can get acquainted with each other’s native language and culture by means of different interactive methods. In addition, they can explore the historical and cultural life of Zalaegerszeg through organized guided tours and excursions.

The next camp will be hosted by Hévíz in November, where handball will have the main role, however children will also participate in different cultural programs (e.g. visiting the thermal lake of Hévíz) and in Hungarian and Croatian interactive language lessons.

Egy határon átnyúló régió, ahol a folyók összekötnek, nem elválasztanak

Interreg Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap Magyarország-Horvátország Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Program

Egy határon átnyúló régió, ahol a folyók összekötnek, nem elválasztanak