The SportOverBorders project’s second training camp starts tomorrow with the participation of young people aged 14-20, interested in handball and coming from Hévíz, Zalaegerszeg, Cazma and Koprivnica.

SportOverBorders’ camps aim at breaking down the national, linguistic and cultural boundaries by the mean of sport, thereby bringing young people on both sides of the border closer together. To achieve this goal, participants will have the possibility to get acquainted with each other’s culture through interactive Croatian-Hungarian language lessons and different cultural programs. Students will also gain insight into the tourism and balneological life of Hévíz and then bath in Europe’s largest thermal lake, in the Lake Hévíz.

It is particularly important for a sportsman to be aware of the concept of sport rehab, the different treatment of smaller and greater injuries occurring during active sport activities. Hévíz offers a number of therapeutic methods and students can get familiar with some of them in the camp. Teams will be prepared for the weekend’s youth handball championship match with different strengthening, stretching, and spine stabilization exercises, as well as sports competitions and special handball trainings.

Follow the camp’s life through SportOverBorders Facebook page and @sportoverborders Instagram page.

The next stop of the training camps will be in April, in the Croatian Cazma. Are you young people interested in soccer? If so, apply and participate!

Egy határon átnyúló régió, ahol a folyók összekötnek, nem elválasztanak

Interreg Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap Magyarország-Horvátország Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Program

Egy határon átnyúló régió, ahol a folyók összekötnek, nem elválasztanak