Being the second most popular tourist destination of Hungary after the capital, the most significant attraction of Hévíz is the unique medicinal lake and its healing power. The world’s largest biologically-active natural thermal lake not only provides the feeling of bathing, but also means the basis of traditional medical treatments and healing wellness treatments. The surroundings of Hévíz are ideal for active tourism: the forests and vine hills of Zala and the nearby Lake Balaton serve as a great background for cycling and walking holidays as well. Hévíz’s vision is to establish and develop high-quality road and service infrastructure and to appear as an active tourism destination on the domestic and international market as well. To achieve this a puzzle of several projects has been formulated: innovative marketing solutions for the city and the area, community bike system, participating in transnational bike trails, active involvement of local producers as “tourist attractions”, cycle tourism as a driving force in rural development, etc. The project SportOverBorders is also an element of this puzzle which capitalize the previous project results and provide sport opportunities for all ages, both for locals and for tourists, while raise public awareness of the importance of physical activity and healthy way of living.

Sport Association of Hévíz

The Hévíz Sports Club actively participates in the organisation of local life in Hévíz. The 68-year-old Association has already 500 members and 8 sport disciplines, namely soccer, handball, archery, ping-pong, dancing, boxing, chess and riding.

Hévíz regularly hosts regional, national and transnational sport events, e.g. cups, championships and training camps in archery, fisticuff, basketball, tennis, etc. In the framework of the project the town aims to propose collaboration with other bordering cities in intensifying people-to-people cooperation through the organization of sport events which can pave the way for long-standing cooperation. The planned actions would support entities working in the field of sport through the exchange of good practices.

Interreg Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap Magyarország-Horvátország Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Program