Čazma is a beautiful small town with very rich cultural and natural heritage established in 1094. The natural heritage is untouched and it is a paradise for recreation, athletes, hikers and cyclists. Ethnic house Tonković in Miklouš, galleries of famous local artists (Cetin, Marks and Matešin) and wineries are all worth visiting. In addition, the rich cultural heritage is represented by

Tourism in Čazma is growing year by year, over 120,000 domestic and foreign visitors arrive at the town. from Croatia and other countries (Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria etc.). The town is proud of its interesting events, like the Christmas/Easter Fairy-tale of the Salaj Family with a record of 2 million decorative lights at a family farm, local wine event “Čazmanski vinokapSuper marathon Zagreb-Čazma and the gastronomic event where local producers, habitants and visitors can exchange their experience in the production of eco food and wine with experts from cross border cities. The 61.35 km super marathon from Croatia’s capital, Zagreb to the old town of Čazma is one of Croatia’s oldest and most prestigious running events. Held since 1976, the race has attracted Europe’s best ultra-marathon runners, most notably from Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, etc.

Sport organizations are very important for local habitants, since they are part of the everyday life for both gender and all ages, while they increase the quality of their life. Sport Association of Čazma count 12 sport club with numerous members – soccer, volleyball, handball, kettlebell.

The project SportOverBorders is very important for the town because encourages international cooperation between sport organizations and children which will be part of the training camps. Results of the project will expand life expectancy and enhance the quality of life of kids and teenagers.

Interreg Európai Regionális Fejlesztési Alap Magyarország-Horvátország Határon Átnyúló Együttműködési Program